Axure FeedBurner RSS Signup Page Template

Axure FeedBurner RSS Signup Page Template

Simulate FeedBurner’s RSS Signup Page.

In this Axure Feedburner RSS signup page everything you see—from the background to text links—are editable in this Axure .rp file with the exception of the Subscribe Now! box, which is an image used to preserve the top-right rounded corner. Don’t worry, the drop-down box and two hyperlinks inside the Subscribe Now! area are editable. All the native FeedBurner links go to the correct URLs and open in new browser windows or tabs.

The only missing element is the drop-shadow around the border of the main content wrapper, which was hard to replicate exactly because of different browser renderings. We bet you didn’t even notice anyway!

*** NOTE: This file was created in Axure 6 to take advantage of the Page Formatting features that allow the blue/gray gradient background to be flexible when resizing the browser.