Axure Responsive Widget Library

Axure Responsive Widget Library

This Axure Responsive UI Kit contains over 100+ responsive UI elements guaranteed to allow you to start building responsive wireframes in Axure in no time.

In this package you will get:

There are two versions of the library:

  • Version 3 - Built specifically for Axure RP8
  • Version 2 - Built for Axure RP7

In both versions you will receive:

1. Responsive Template File (.rp file)

2. Responsive Axure Widget Library (.lib file)

3. Read Me File to get you up and running

How it works:

  • The Responsive Template file (RP file) sets the document break points and grid structures.
  • The library file contains over 100+ responsive UI elements


All widgets are built to 3 breakpoints:

1. Desktop = 1200px

2. Tablet (portrait) = 768px

3. Mobile (portrait) = 320px

UI Elements:

Here's just a small look at some of the responsive UI elements this package contains:

  • Responsive Typography
  • Headers
  • Carousels
  • Galleries
  • Footers 
  • Cards 
  • Features
  • Pre-loaders
  • Modals
  • Alerts
  • Tooltips

and more... all for just £25.