Parallaxure - Axure Template + Library

Parallaxure - Axure Template + Library

The most refined Axure template ever created. Featuring 5 pages of eye catching and functional designs. You can work directly from the .rp file, copy paste from the components/library page, or drag and drop from the .rplib file.

Now includes both Axure 7 and Axure 8 compatible versions.

Download Includes

  • Complete and functional prototype (.rp file)
  • Axure library (.rplib file)
  • All images, neatly organized into appropriate folders
  • PSD for iPhone mockup
  • Axure 8 optimized version.

Library Includes

  • 86 widgets/elements
  • H1, H2, H3 and subheadline text
  • Blockquotes
  • List items, links, paragraph text
  • 15 different social media icons
  • Browser/OS and assorted Font Awesome icons
  • Buttons, tags, pagination
  • Progress bars
  • Navbar
  • Dropdown menu
  • 2 Carousels
  • Inputs and text areas with labels and interaction styles
  • All modules (testimonials, form, etc)
  • Navigation menu (for sidebar or footer)
  • Page sections
  • Full pages

Template Includes

  • jQuery like parallax scrolling effects
  • Full width browser design
  • Transitioning navbar
  • Embedded Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome iconography
  • Home, About, Contact, Blog, Portfolio and Component pages
  • Master header and footer sections
  • Google Maps/Earth section
  • Working form with error and success messaging
  • Linked photostream with image carousel
  • Clean and modern layout
  • Beautiful commercial free photography
  • Clearly labeled elements for fast and easy customization