SAP Design Stencils Axure Widget Library

SAP Design Stencils Axure Widget Library

Design stencils are ready-to-use drafts of SAP Fiori layouts, patterns and controls. You are welcome to use the design stencils to visualize your SAP Fiori app ideas in Axure RP. They are easy to use and give you a realistic impression of your final design. The download package also includes the SAPUI5 icon font.VariantsThe following variants are available for your Axure RP mockups:

Compact: Desktop (L)Cozy: Tablet (M), Smartphone (S)Image version: Shows different states of the control as an image, such as “Regular” and “Hover”.Interactive version: Shows interaction built in Axure RP. Most interactions are based on dynamic panels.

Note: The design stencils are high-fidelity mockups and do not represent the exact visual design.

Brief Introduction to Axure RPWireframing. Prototyping. Documentation.You can use the Axure RP tool to:

Make low-fi and hi-fi wireframes with dynamic interactions, or build fast mockups without interactions.Save time by using masters and widgets/stencils.Visualize interactive mockups for all form factors (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) using adaptive views. Interactive prototypes can be tested on all devices.Create a prototype without any coding. Axure RP can be used by designers, or by anyone needing a proof of concept.

If you are looking for an easy way to learn Axure RP, take a look at the tutorials at

How do I load the stencils in Axure RP?To load the SAP Fiori design stencils, please follow the instructions on the Axure RP website: (section: Loading and Unloading Libraries).